Monday, May 28, 2018

CRASH-N-BURN - Self-Titled (1988)

CRASH-N-BURN was one of my favorite bands of this era, and I wouldn't know how to describe them completely, but let's try Funky Punky Chunky Rock. They covered a lot of bases. The band members were John Sanders on keyboards and guitar, Amy Sanders on bass, Dean Menta on another guitar, and Parry Wolf on the drums.
Here's a song from the first self-titled tape John sent me! Turn it up!
 CRASH-N-BURN - "The Big Business"

John and I wrote back and forth a few times, and this is a flyer for a "One Dead Cow Show and Rodeo" gig that he wrote me a letter on. I've tried to find some current information on the band or it's members, because I just assumed they'd be pretty famous by now, but instead, I can't find anything, so I guess they must have really just Crashed N' Burned!

 Anyway, I liked CRASH-N-BURN so much that I asked them to give me something for my "Refried Dreams" compilation tape, which they kindly obliged, and I got this extra cool sticker too. Check it out, it's another great song called "Last Night Stand."

Saturday, May 26, 2018

HEATHER PERKINS - "Land-O-Newts Sampler" (1987-1988)

Heather Perkins was from Eugene, Oregon, but I think she lives in Portland these days, and she likes to make music that is completely unique! I have nobody to compare Heather to except herself! We traded tapes a couple of times, and this 'land ö ñéwts' Sampler is one of the tapes I got from her. On this song, Heather is doing the vocals, playing the guitar, and the 'drumlike unit.'

The Land-O-Newts website looks a little funny because it's under construction, but if you go there, you'll find a lot more of Heather's music that you can listen to for free! 
 There's also a link to an interview from the Portland Tribune that came out on my birthday eleven years ago that was written by Peter Korn, and that's where this foto of Heather came from also!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

LAME DUCK - "Logo" (1991)

 In 1991 in La Mirada, Calif. there were a couple of zany rebels named Matt Ter and Sadchop, also known as Jon Gillespie and John Zalewski, or Lame Duck! They came out with this tape called "Logo," that has songs like "Ass Sid," "Pass The Butler," and "Depressed Mold," among other things on it!
Lame Duck - "Fight The Power"

  They had heard that home taping was killing the recording industry, and they wanted to do their part to help!

Friday, May 11, 2018

DEAD OSWALDS - "Not Sgt. Pepper" (1989)

 Dead Oswalds was the brainchild of one Brian T. Gallagher from somewhere in the vicinity of Providence, Rhode Island. As far as I can tell or remember, most everything he ever did was tongue in cheek, you know, like a joke, kinda like another group of guys I know. Fr'instance, the title of the band, the title of the tape, and the title of the songs, none of it is real. In a letter I found from Brian, this is what he had to say about the Guzanos tape I sent him, "I liked it. The Dead Oswald took it home. He must have liked it too. Greedy, selfish creep." Even though this song also has a Beatles title, it is not a cover tune, as are none of the other songs on this tape. If you'd like to be totally confused about the tape scene in the 80's and 90's, this would be a really good place to start! Credited musicians are Ozzy Oswald: Vocals, old newspapers, receding hairline, Donny Oswald: Purposely absent, and Marie Oswald: Cheap second hand guitar, warts, styrofoam!!!

Brian Gallagher was also the editor/publisher of a pretty damn fine zine called "Radio Void" that also featured some fereakin' amazing art by Brian James Riedel like his "Oh God, I swear, no more water balloons" one shot!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "The Videos Of Brian James Riedel" (2018)

 My good friend and fellow worm brother, artiste extraordinaire, and all around good egg Brian, has gone temporarily insane, and in the last week, out of nowhere, has created seven wild and krazy Guzanos videos. They just keep getting better, and there's no telling what this guy is capable of, once he puts his mind to it, so ready, steady, set, get gone.....!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


 Random things that have had no reference for some 25 or 30 years are suddenly just happening all around me. I've been reunited with old friends locally and internationally, and cool things like Hal McGee's magazine "Electronic Cottage" have resurfaced!
 Don't get me wrong! Guys like Don Campau and Lord Litter have never quit promoting independent music and art from the 80's, 90's and beyond, so this is not exactly a new thing, but then again, in some ways, it really is!

 Just as he did in print, Hal's online version of "Electronic Cottage" is simply great, and besides everything else, also includes an in depth article & interview done by Lord Litter about Hermanos Guzanos, and our other projects just in case anybody's curious! So go check it out, the price is right and Hal is asking for contributions, not monetary, but artistic, and all artists musical or otherwise are welcome to participate!! It doesn't get much better than that! Thanx Hal!!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

GREENHOUSE EFFECT - "Agenda" (1992)

The music you will discover on this site is a blend of home taping DIY artists, and actual performing indie bands. Greenhouse Effect was a real band, with a real sound of their own, from El Segundo, Calif. I don't really care for the image on the front of this tape called "Agenda", but rest assured that the guy named Shark who sent me this tape, was a very nice person, not a psycho! "Agenda" was released in 1992, and the song you're about to hear reminds me of Quicksilver Messenger Service because of the tone of the guitar. So without further adieu..........
Greenhouse Effect - "People That Won't Back Down"

Here's a flyer from one of their shows!