Wednesday, October 27, 2021

REV. TOM FROST - "Every Goddam Thing To Hell" (2011)

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get around to this one, but the time is just right, even if it's ten years late. This is a very cool CD from my good friend Reverend Tom Frost, that he released on October 25, 2011, and was called "Every Goddam Thing To Hell."

Tom"s birthday was just two days ago, and this song and this CD are perfect for this time of the year.
You can get all the blessings you need, and listen to as much great music as you want on
In the meantime, here's something to get your blood churning! It don't get much Halloweenier than this!

Monday, October 25, 2021

THE KING IS DEAD - "Long Live The King" (1989)

"The King Is Dead - Long Live The King" was an Elvis tribute tape from RRRecords in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1989.
This was a various artist's compilation tape that included the likes of Signal 30. The Eberly Brothers, Wigglepig, Spit, Evan Cantor, Sick Room Serenade, Due Process, John Oswald, Don Decker, La Sonorite Jaune, Usward, Elvis Messiahs, and even a couple of short snippets from The King himself.

I don't know it for a fact, but I would imagine most of these contact addresses are defunct.

Here's the opening song on Side Two................

Monday, October 18, 2021

FRENCH WEREWOLVES - "The Barfbag Ventriloquist" (2021)

"The Barfbag Ventriloquist" is the latest release by the French Werewolves, and was released in 2021. The band is composed of Sockeye Dave formerly of Stow, Ohio, and now working out of Saginaw, Michigan, and is a dual release on his Wheelchair Of Old Men label, and is also available from Taco Rat Records!
There's also a one page interview that sheds a lot of light on how this band functions.

It might be just one page, but it's got two sides, just because that's the way Dave works!

There are eighteen enchanting cuts on this disc, so it was nearly impossible to choose just one. It was a real tough decision to make between the sentimental "Foul Ball Hits Mother in the Head and Kills Her,"and this other one, but after hours of deliberation I finally decided on the anthemic...

Friday, October 15, 2021

THE RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT - "Plastic Containers Retain Odors" (1988)

The Rudy Schwartz Project is the alto-igor of Joe Newman from Austin, Texas.

Joe sent me this tape in the late 1980's in a trade for one of our Hermanos Guzanos tapes.
This guy has got an incredible sense of humor, and an astounding body of work!

There are some guest musicians, but for the most part, this music is written, arranged, played, sung, excreted, and/or programmed by Joe (Have An Extra Special Day) Newman!

The Rudy Schwartz Project is one of the more popular of the 80's home tape artists, and has a massive catalogue on Amazon, with some free streaming songs, and some songs that can be purchased, and you can get the whole skinny right HERE!!
In the meantime, here's just a taste of that which is, the genius of Joe Newman! 
This song is dedicated to Carl Finch and Brave Combo.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

DANS LA DANSE - "Tears Compilation #283" (1989)

DANS LA DANSE  was a Tears Compilation put out in 1989.

It's a various artists compilation, but there are only four artists represented on this tape. Number one is a fairly wild man from Germany named Harald "Sack" Ziegler, and number two was my best buddy Gary Wray doing some of his solo work!
The other two artists involved are DIDI from Austria, and Henry Schneider from Houston, Texas.
You can download this entire tape from the Tape Attack website, as it was one of the tapes that Lord Litter donated from his personal collection a couple of months ago for the world to share.
 Here's an awesome taste of what you're in for!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

JOHN BARTLES - "Trauma Based Mind Control For Fun And Profit "

This is a another great CD by John Bartles. I can't remember what year he sent it to me, but it seems like it was in the last four or five years! 

The credits say "Nameless Victims"

You never knew what to expect from the musicians that John had work with him, and this CD is no exception, and has some very different arrangements on it. Check out this one tune, and you'll know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, it's because you ain't got no conozco!

Friday, September 24, 2021

JOHN EBERLY - "To The Absent Other" (1989)

John Eberly is from Wichita, Kansas, and "To The Absent Other" was a solo tape that he put out in 1989, when he wasn't busy with his other projects like The Mumbles, and The Eberly Brothers.
John, of course also did the cover art.

This is stripped down bare bones just John singing and playing guitar. All the songs were written by John, and it was recorded 'live' to a two-track Crown CX822

John Eberly is the only guy I know to put out a one page magazine. The name of it was "The Dialogues."

John's a thinker, and "The Dialogues" is a good example of why I say that! John's also a very talented songwriter and singer, and I think this song with convince you to agree!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

RICH ARITHMETIC - "You Are Always Right" b/w "Up To You" (2021)

Rich Arithmetic just came out with his third new single in a digital format. That's either a good thing or a bad thing depending how you look at it. You can't hold it in your hand like a record or a CD or a tape, but it's accessible streaming any time you want!

Even though it's a digital release, there is still an 'A' and a 'B' side, which is kind of ironic, because if they weren't numbered, you wouldn't know which one was the 'A' side, because they're both of equal merit! You just can't lose! It's "Up To You!"
Give it a listen and find out for yourself, why Rich is always wrong, and.......

Monday, September 13, 2021

RATTUS REXX - "Hydrocyanic" (1986)

My friend Winfried Pickart might have passed away a few years ago, but his music will live on forever, especially if I have anything to say about it. Rattus Rexx was Winnie along with his partner Gaby HΓΌnnerbein, the other vocalist in the band. Gaby is now known as Gaby Tiger, and she is still performing today!  This tape was one of the first ones I got from Winnie. It was titled "Hydrocyanic," which means a poisonous weak acid that is used mainly in fumigating and organic synthesis, or in this case, music!

Here's the first song from side one. I like this song a lot! Turn it up!!

Monday, September 6, 2021

PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY - "Independent Art By Musicians" (1987 - 1999)

Music and Art go hand and hand like two lovers walking in the park, and most creative people can't stay focused on just one thing, so here's some of the artwork I've received over the years for various reasons, most just as extensions of tape trading. 
This first piece is by my good buddy and comic artiste extraordinaire and fellow Guzano, Brian J. Riedel done in 1987 for an underground comic that was supposed to be illustrations to go along with song lyrics. I think they put the kibosh on the whole project because they didn't quite have permissions!

Here's an original drawing from 1988 of a couple of numb-skull-balls sent to me by another artistic Guzano genius, my best pal Gary Wray!

Here's a really funny 1990 illustration from John Eberly of the incredible band The Mumbles!

Here's some more cool original art on the back of an envelope from my friend Dimitar in Bulgaria.

On a more serious note, here are some photos of some very gorgeous and large paintings by my good friend Guido Erfren in Germany. This one was titled "The Way To Succeed " and was done in 1987-89.

This one was titled "Triptych No. 1" and was done in 1990. Guido is also a musician and ran the SHM label, but unfortunately I have lost track of him.

This last piece by Guido was titled "Triptych No. 2" and was also from 1990.

Friday, September 3, 2021

GAJOOB SAMPLER - Issue #9, Sampler #3 (1993) Part II

Sometimes you just gotta go back to the well!
 I was organizing a bunch of files I have, and realized I had made two mp3's from Gajoob Sampler Tape #3, and this one was just too good to be left behind!
 I found the following information on Wikipedia about the band. "D.Q.E. was formed by singer/songwriter Grace Braun, New York photographer Chris Verene and former Fat Day drummer Zak Sitter in 1986. The band later evolved into one built around the core of Grace Braun (renamed Anna Trodglen) and her husband/drummer, music writer Dugan Trodglen."
Bryan's review fits this band perfectly. They're almost like a country version of The Velvet Underground, spunky, and very raw!

This song came off of this tape called "N Is For Knowledge," or "N Is For Nollidge," one of the two. I found this picture of the cover of the tape on their Discogs page. Apparently they changed their name from Dairy Queen Empire to the abbreviated D.Q.E. after they made this tape. Even looking at the song titles, I couldn't figure out the name of this song!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

MEMPHIS MYSTICS - "Norwegian Wood" (1990's)

Among all his other projects, John Sanders also had a band in San Francisco in the 90's called Memphis Mystics. The band consisted of John Sanders - Keyboards, Dain Dizarro - Bass, and Hudson on the Drums! 
Here's a sweet cover version of a great song that everybody should be familiar with by now. Listen closely and you'll hear a short Hendrix bass line thrown into the mix just for good measure!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

OOH OOH MUSIC - "Grumpy Tape" - Pop-Cult Magazine (1991)

The only picture I had to show you was the tape itself with it's homemade "Ooh Ooh Grumpy" label, and after spending three minutes in the garage looking for it, I gave up because I was getting eaten up by those nasty ankle-biter mosquitoes, and it was just making me grumpier! I'll add it later if I ever find it! 

The only real thing I know is that we had a song on this tape that wasn't on any of our other tapes, that's how good it is! So here you go! 

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Don't Call Me Grumpy!" 

Great! Now I still have to find the "Dopey" tape too! I might have to wait until Winter!

Also, when I posted up "The Happy Tape" a couple of years ago, a fellow named Doug Wofsey who worked with Michael Gonzales on these projects, left a comment that I only just saw a few minutes ago for some reason, that said "Pop Cult was supposed to be 7 issues with each theme being one of the 7 dwarves. We only got thru 4 of them (Happy, Dopey, Grumpy and Sleepy). Each tape would have songs that corresponded to that theme." Doug also said he still plays music with Michael as The Hillbilly Varmints and around Halloween as The Rockin' Bones.


So here you go, here's The Hillbilly Varmints with "Shanty Tramp." Let's see if we can that hit counter up there closer to a million where it belongs!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

EVANESCENCE - "Hallwalls" (2005)

"Evanescence" was a free jazz venture by John Bartles and associates recorded 5-15-05. 
Just as the liner notes say, it was "recorded live on location at an undisclosed warehouse in Buffalo, N.Y. A free-association session pitting 4 personalities who had never played together before in mortal artistic combat!"

The guys making all the sounds are John Bartles, The Bassturd Guy - Vocals, Ravi Padmanabha - Drums & Percussion, Steve Baczkoloski - Reeds & Wind Powered Instruments, and their friend Leif on String Bass. So here you go..........

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

TRINKETS - "Al Perry Various Artists Compilation" (1990's)

"Trinkets" was an early 1990's various artists compilation CD of instrumentals put out by Al Perry, and unless something happened after the fact, it was never released, but a few might have escaped!

There's not a whole lot of information on here. We had one cut on this CD, and I traded tapes with about half the people on it at one time or another, other than that, there are not even any song titles.

I thought I was not going to be able to give you any samples because it sounded like the CD-R was defective, but as it turned out, I had to re-install my sound card, so I hope these sound all right! I have no idea who What Went Wrong were, but this is a fun song!
This other tune is an outright classic from  

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

SCOTT DAVEY - "Exterminator!" (1993)

"Exterminator" was a 1993 experimental release from Scott Davey. I think he is the only musician involved, and it's mostly all keyboards and synths.

Scott hailed from the Bay Area in California, and had his own "Egg & Anvil" label. The same year he sent me another tape called "Goner" that you can also sample on this site.
"Exterminator" is a two-sided tape, but both sides contain the same stuff, so you never have to rewind it! Pretty smart I'd say.
Here's a piece that's based on a 1960's Japanese monster movie so you kind of know what to expect!

Monday, August 9, 2021


I used to get a lot of other stuff in the mail in the 90's besides the tapes people sent me. Here are a handful of postcards I received. Some of these came from France, but this handmade New Year's greeting card came from Alvaro, The Chilean with the Singing Nose who lives in Konstanz, Germany!

Here's a 2020 video from Alvaro called "Furious Nipples."

I can't remember who sent me this. It's an unused professionally made postcard featuring a Technorock band called Alpha 2. It says on the back the members were Adrian Holland, Rob Chadwick, and Lee Mills.

This postcard came from Lyon, France, but I can't read the writing on the back. I think it was an invitation to be on a various artists comp tape.

This was some kind of artist 'photo card.' It's also unused so I have no idea who sent it to me.

I scanned this postcard some time ago, and put it someplace safe, and now I can't find it. I do remember that this one also came from France.