Thursday, July 29, 2021

GAJOOB ISSUE #9 - SAMPLER #2 - Ulterior Lux "Live" (1993)

Okay, I'm going by the book on this one. Bryan Baker had the perfect write up of the music of Ulterior Lux in this issue of Gajoob, and it goes something like this:
"John Rite (the former Dimthingshine) connects with Jean Chaine and Markus Strauss, and the result is a raucous meeting of rock and free jazz. Mixed from soundboard masters documenting just one stop along their European tour of 1990. A sheer delight, thoroughly exhilarating and highly recommended!"
The original tape was released on Carl Howard's "Audiophile Tapes" label in 1991, and was titled 
"Live Bootleg From Switzerland."

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

THE PURPLE DOT EXPERIENCE - "Songs Based On The Poetry Of Pamela Mary Stone" (1994)

"The Purple Dot Experience" was a various artists tape compilation put together by K.D. Schmitz in 1994, and the songs were all based on poems written by a young lady named Pamela Mary Stone.
I contributed two songs to this tape, and I almost wish I hadn't because my tunes kind of stink up the whole project. In fact I distinctly remember K.D. telling me that he played this tape for his whole family, and when my first song came on, his Mother asked if the stereo was broken. I think that about says it all.

We were given a few of Mary's poems to choose from, and the titles were "The Purple Dot," "Love," "Trees," "Books," and "Reading." The artistes involved were varied and included Chris Ballew of "The Presidents Of The United States," and one song by the late Dave Fuglewicz. Unfortunately Dave just passed away a couple of weeks ago on July 15, 2021, and if you'd like to help out his family with all the medical expenses that he incurred, Chris Phinney has set up a Go Fund Me page where you can do that!

Here are two songs from this cassette that in my humble opinion are the best of the bunch, one from each side of the tape. The first one is by Jeff Olson of the fantastic band "Screamin Popeyes," and the second one is by Edward Schmitz who I think is K.D.'s brother!

Saturday, July 24, 2021


Yesterday I was told by Lord Litter in Berlin that he has donated his whole cassette collection to the good folks at The Tape Attack Blog in Germany. It was about 500 tapes total, and Tape Attack will digitize and offer up each and every one of them so you can download, listen, and go back in time 30 or 40 years for as long as you want. This is probably about as close to a time machine as we'll ever get! Besides Don Campau, Lord Litter probably had one of the largest collections in the world, so if you don't take advantage of his generosity, well, it's not like I didn't tell you!

Tape Attack already had tons of material they have been sharing, Lord Litter's contributions just make it that much more over the top insane. There is one small problem for those of you who only speak English, Tape Attack is totally auf Deutsch!

Get ready to be impressed!

Because this is the kind of stuff.......

......................That you're going to be able to discover!
It's just like what they said when they tore down the fences at Woodstock!
It's a free concert!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

CRASH-N-BURN - "Snake Eyes" (1987)

John Sanders has given me access to the whole Crash-N-Burn catalogue to share with you guys, so why wouldn't I do that? There ain't no reason, so here's yet another fantastic song the band recorded in 1987!
John Sanders - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Amy Sanders - Bass, Vocals
Parry Wolfe - Drums
Dean Menta - Guitar 
(For all you musicologists, the last few years, Dean Menta has been playing with the band Sparks)

Saturday, July 10, 2021

PICASSOS FALSOS - "Últimos Carnavais" (1987)

All I remember is I was communicating with this gal in Brazil who I sent one of our tapes to, and she in return sent me this tape by Brazilian band Picassos Falsos. She was going to try and promote us a bit in Brazil, but I don't remember what happened after that. If I can find my correspondence with her, I will update this information sometime in the future.
I don't know if she had some connection to the band or not, but through the power of the internet, I was able to find out that the songs she sent me were from this album that came out in 1987. You can find copies of this LP on Discogs, but it's going to cost you forty or fifty dollars.
The band consisted of Zé Henrique on Bass, Abilio on Drums & Percussion, Luiz Gustavo playing Guitar, and Humberto Effe doing the vocals. Good band and they sounded like this......

Saturday, July 3, 2021

JOHN BARTLES - "Dogtown Road - All Dog Song Musical Review" (Mid 90's)

John Bartles is a mad musical genius, and I'm fairly perplexed that more people don't know it, but then I guess that's their politically correct problem, not mine. John is an equal opportunity artist, and he will insult anybody and everybody, except his dogs, and that's the reason this CD exists.
John loves his dogs!

Most of these songs were culled off of some of the many recordings John put together over the previous 20 years. There's no date on it, but this CD came out in the mid-nineties.

The players on this tune are Rex T. on Guitar, Larry Miller on Bass, Bob Reardon on the Drums, and the mighty Luccia Foresta playing the Harp. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Here's