Thursday, May 28, 2020

THE MUMBLES - "Ray Dean" (1989)

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite bamds will always be The Mumbles straight out of Wichita, Kansas!
This cassette was titled "Ray Dean," and was sent to me by John Eberly in 1989!

Kansas might be flat, but that sure doesn't mean all the people are square!
If I was having a party, The Mumbles would be the band I'd want playing the music!

Here's the rest of the information from the inside of the sleeve! There's a lot of great rockin' songs on this cassette, but I picked the very first one, a cover with apologies to Robert Palmer!
THE MUMBLES - "Rosalee"

Here's a pretty funny X-Mas card John sent me one year!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER - "Manifesto" (2018)

 The full title is 
"Manifesto - A Universal Declaration of Indespendence," 
and you can find out all you want to know and more at...

 "Manifesto" is a project that pStan Batcow worked on as Howl In The Typewriter for seven years. It is one continuous piece with a continuing theme that is about sixty-five minutes in length!

 The message is anti-commercialism and anti-consumerism that reads like this......
"We don't fucking want what you're trying to fucking sell, shove it up your fucking arse then fuck off and go to Hell."

 I love this sticker that came with it!

 All the artists listed here contributed to the project!

 The message is pretty clear and not really too difficult to comprehend!
I don't imagine it got much airplay because of it!
There's a lot of good music in this release, and it was hard to make a choice, but I decided to pull an except from somewhere around the middle that I liked!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

JOHN BARTLES - "Cabaret For A Classless Society"

"The 20 all-time cabaret-style favorites from that lovable duo that constantly re-defines the nadir of art in America,
Andy McFarland - Piano, John Bartles - Vocals
All tunes written by John Bartles 
(Don't blame the piano player...He's innocent)

Friday, May 15, 2020

RICH ARITHMETIC - "You Were Always Trouble" (2020)

 After I did that last post I let Ray Carmen know about it, who in turn let Rich Horton, aka Rich Arithmetic know about it, and it just so happens that Rich did a new version of "You Were Always Trouble" last fall, and generously agreed to let me share it with you, and guess what? It's just as good or better than the first on!. Just proves one thing, good music never gets old!!
(c)Hortones, 1982-2020.

"You Were Always Trouble" will be included on the forthcoming album, "Shiftingears" by Rich Arithmetic.
If you'd like to know more, or tell Rich how you feel about his music, you can contact him at...  

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


 This was a 1997 cassette put together by Ray Carmen that featured various artists from his POP! Productions catalogue!

Here's where you can find more up to date and current information about the music of Ray Carmen!
 Side one has some great tracks by some great artists, some I was familiar with, and some were new to me at the time. I've always enjoyed compilation tapes and LP's of different people. What a great way to hear music from people you never heard of  before!

Side two is full of Ray's own equally coll music!

 So there's a lot of good music on this tape, but here's a cut from a band I had never heard of before, and I tried to find out more information, but all I have is what's on this tape, and that is that they were from Seattle, so here's a great song:

Thursday, May 7, 2020

VIKTIMIZED KARCASS - "Doorways To Insanity (The Last Hurrah Vol.1) (1993)

It's Viktimized Karcass time!! What a cool XNO logo!

 Here's everything you need to know straight from the source!
HR318 - Viktimized Karcass - Doorways To Insanity (The Last Hurrah Vol.1) C60 - 2nd to the last Karcass release, released by HalTapes). No longer available from Haltapes.
Originally titled above: Doorways To Insanity title part dropped for digital download release.
Recorded March 5, 1993 at Harsh Reality Music - Live improvisation, no overdubs.
The Players - Pete McLean:drums, Roger Moneymaker:guitars, fx, Robert Hinson:bass, fx,Chris Phinney:synths, fx, vox, Richard Martin:synths, fx,vox.
Recorded,mixed, mastered by Chris Phinney
Cover Photo:Chris Phinney
A Harsh Reality Music Release.

 By my count, Chris Phinney has released at least 35 or more Viktimized Karcass cassettes over the years!

 There's no way I'll ever get around to all of them, so here are a couple more covers from some of the other releases!

 So if you're sitting at home doing nothing, don't tell me you ain't got nothing to do!
Here's a link to "Doorways To Insanity" just to get your journey started! There's plenty to listen to, and it won't cost you a stinkin' penny!
VIKTIMIZED KARCASS  - "Doorways To Insanity"