Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Here's what you can get if you put words like Nihilism in an A-I command prompt.

Or Surrealism
Or Abstraction.
I really dig this one.
That's the three of us all right!
Gee, I wonder where this idea came from.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "The Worm People" Cover Variations (2024)

1997 was officially the year we made our last tape which was called "The Worm People."

Here's some examples of what the cover might have looked like if we had made it today!
I've made dozens of these, but this group is among the best!
Some of the worms are pretty slimy characters.

Bill Graham doesn't present.......
That's a killer red and blue dress.
The worms of the world have taken over.

It's these big ones you really gotta watch out for.
Here's some "NIGHT ACTION" from that tape!

Friday, February 9, 2024

RICH ARITHMETIC - "Pushbutton Romance" (2024)

Rich Arithmetic has added another album to his already amazing portfolio, songs falling into a number of different styles and genres – Power Pop, Alt-Pop, Baroque, Quirky Pop, Power Folk, Retro Pop, Art Pop, Sunshine & Surf and Jangle Pop. There are no minuses, only pluses.
Once again Rich is joined by his friends Lance Morgan, and Charlie Maliszewski, with more help from Ruppi Barnickel, Dan Dean, Kevin Bonner and Marvin & Ann Hunt. The kool CD artwork was created by May May Gong, who also played the cello on four of the songs.
I'm sure eventually it will be on Bandcamp and other locations, but for now Kool Kat's the place to go if you want a copy because it will be officially released on February 23, for which they are now taking orders.
What are you waiting for, don't delay, get yours ordered from Kool Kat today!