Friday, March 31, 2023

AL PERRY V/A COMP - "Instrumentals" (19ninety-something)

Thought I'd go out with a bang this month, so here's a tape that was made by Al Perry some time in the early 1990's of instrumental music from some of his friends and fellow music makers, and it's called simply "Instrumentals."
Al Perry is a class act, a helluva nice guy and one of the few people we ever got to meet in person, so getting to have a song on this tape was really cool for us!

There is a whole lot of cool music on this tape, and the songs by Dino Dimuro, Don Campau, Mark Hanley, and Lord Litter are all standouts along with the rest, but instead, here's the first track on the tape that's by a guy I never had contact with or can find out very little about. It's a little long, but worth every rockin' minute of it.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

LORD LITTER - "Vault Music" (2010)

Lord Litter has just come out with a new release of some of his old music. To quote the man himself......
"I recently rediscovered a portion of an external hard drive with 10 songs I've pretty much forgotten. They must have come about in 2010. It was the time I was sayin' goodbye to the period where I regularly hosted a live concert series called "Shared Night." I introduced the musicians/bands and played the first part of the night, solo, my own songs on acoustic guitar. When the period came to an end I started producing again which I had stopped for quite a while."
"I'm pretty sure these songs don't fit anywhere - so as usual they will go down totally unnoticed in the history of underground music."
  "As usual I produced much more than I released. I composed, played, sung etc all the material. Except for *Love is all around* composed by Reg Presley/The Troggs.
Lord Litter: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, harmonica, melodica, paper, rainstick - recorded, produced Trash Tone Studio MK5, Berlin, 2010

You can find out all about it for yourself, listen or download it all for free right HERE!!
Here's a sample of what you're in for!!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

K.D. SCHMITZ - "Words In My Mouth" - (1996)

This is a tape of K.D. Schmitz doing solo versions of his songs with just him singing and playing acoustic guitar. As you can see from the note at the bottom, it was sent out for other artist's to listen to and possibly work up a cover version of their own for a project he was going to make called "Words In Our Mouths."

What a bargain!
A couple of years earlier, K.D. put out another similar compilation tape call "The Purple Dot Experience" that I contributed to.

Friday, March 17, 2023

EVAN CANTOR and Beyond - The CBDs - "Everything's Got Soul" (2022)

Evan Cantor is a guy who has been making music for almost forever, and even though he was in close association with Little Fyodor who I wrote to a lot, Evan Cantor and I never wrote or exchanged tapes. I wrote 100's of people, somebody was bound to get left out, I guess it was me!
Evan's current project is a band called The CBD's and it's called "Two Sets."
The CBD's feature Burt Rashbaum on keyboards & vocals,
Evan Cantor on acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass, & vocals, and
Roland LaForge on electric guitar & vocals.
Producer Paul Panico contributed drums & percussion.
Evan Cantor is also a painter and this is an 18" X 24" painting of his called "The Castles."
You can find SO much more about all his projects at

Long ago and far away Evan created some pretty wild music with his pal Little Fyodor, who I have written about here more than once. 
If you put a couple of blockheads together like these two, then no doubt you will build a Wall Of Genius!
 There's only one way to describe this group and that's "avant-garde-art-rock-comedy-experimental-noise-performance-art ensemble."

So, without further delay, even though you don't know it, here's what you've been waiting for......

Monday, March 13, 2023

HERR ALBRECHT - "You Know When You've Been Tango'd" (1991)

Here's a pretty cool tape from 1991 that I only know about by listening to one of Lord Litter's very old radio shows. I actually had to ask him to get the name correct. Anyway, I thought this was a pretty good band more people should know about so here you go!
This tape is by Herr Albrect and was titled "You Know When You've Been Tango'd" 
Herr Albrecht were from Marburg, Germany and the members were
Oliver Herzog - Bass
Frieder Gottwald - Drums & Piano
Steffen Gottwald - Drums
Eike Faecks - Keyboards
Werner Eismann - Slide Guitar
Mischa Wetzel - Vocals & Guitar

Friday, March 10, 2023

ANDREWS/LIGON - "Um Compilation #2" (1988)

This was another tape sent to me by Duke Andrews of music that he and Jacky Ligon made together in North Carolina in the late 80's.

You never knew what to expect from these two, and this tape was no exception. I've heard a lot of music in my life, but I don't think I've ever quite heard anything like this before, or ever since, it's odd but bewitching.