Sunday, October 31, 2021

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "X-13" (1989)

It's Halloween, so who better to celebrate the holiday with than those three bozos known collectively as The Worm Brothers (For those of you who don't speak Spanish), and one of their weirdest tapes, "X-13 - 13 Cuts From Beyond -X-."  Some of the other titles on this tape are "Toxic Dump," "Leaky Faucets," "Brain Eaters," and "Triffids!" Rats all you need to know!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

REV. TOM FROST - "Every Goddam Thing To Hell" (2011)

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get around to this one, but the time is just right, even if it's ten years late. This is a very cool CD from my good friend Reverend Tom Frost, that he released on October 25, 2011, and was called "Every Goddam Thing To Hell."

Tom"s birthday was just two days ago, and this song and this CD are perfect for this time of the year.
You can get all the blessings you need, and listen to as much great music as you want on
In the meantime, here's something to get your blood churning! It don't get much Halloweenier than this!

Monday, October 25, 2021

THE KING IS DEAD - "Long Live The King" (1989)

"The King Is Dead - Long Live The King" was an Elvis tribute tape from RRRecords in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1989.
This was a various artist's compilation tape that included the likes of Signal 30. The Eberly Brothers, Wigglepig, Spit, Evan Cantor, Sick Room Serenade, Due Process, John Oswald, Don Decker, La Sonorite Jaune, Usward, Elvis Messiahs, and even a couple of short snippets from The King himself.

I don't know it for a fact, but I would imagine most of these contact addresses are defunct.

Here's the opening song on Side Two................

Monday, October 18, 2021

FRENCH WEREWOLVES - "The Barfbag Ventriloquist" (2021)

"The Barfbag Ventriloquist" is the latest release by the French Werewolves, and was released in 2021. The band is composed of Sockeye Dave formerly of Stow, Ohio, and now working out of Saginaw, Michigan, and is a dual release on his Wheelchair Of Old Men label, and is also available from Taco Rat Records!
There's also a one page interview that sheds a lot of light on how this band functions.

It might be just one page, but it's got two sides, just because that's the way Dave works!

There are eighteen enchanting cuts on this disc, so it was nearly impossible to choose just one. It was a real tough decision to make between the sentimental "Foul Ball Hits Mother in the Head and Kills Her,"and this other one, but after hours of deliberation I finally decided on the anthemic...

Friday, October 15, 2021

THE RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT - "Plastic Containers Retain Odors" (1988)

The Rudy Schwartz Project is the alto-igor of Joe Newman from Austin, Texas.

Joe sent me this tape in the late 1980's in a trade for one of our Hermanos Guzanos tapes.
This guy has got an incredible sense of humor, and an astounding body of work!

There are some guest musicians, but for the most part, this music is written, arranged, played, sung, excreted, and/or programmed by Joe (Have An Extra Special Day) Newman!

The Rudy Schwartz Project is one of the more popular of the 80's home tape artists, and has a massive catalogue on Amazon, with some free streaming songs, and some songs that can be purchased, and you can get the whole skinny right HERE!!
In the meantime, here's just a taste of that which is, the genius of Joe Newman! 
This song is dedicated to Carl Finch and Brave Combo.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

DANS LA DANSE - "Tears Compilation #283" (1989)

DANS LA DANSE  was a Tears Compilation put out in 1989.

It's a various artists compilation, but there are only four artists represented on this tape. Number one is a fairly wild man from Germany named Harald "Sack" Ziegler, and number two was my best buddy Gary Wray doing some of his solo work!
The other two artists involved are DIDI from Austria, and Henry Schneider from Houston, Texas.
You can download this entire tape from the Tape Attack website, as it was one of the tapes that Lord Litter donated from his personal collection a couple of months ago for the world to share.
 Here's an awesome taste of what you're in for!!!