Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Sometimes I'd read reviews of tapes in magazines, so I'd mail somebody one of our tapes. Sometimes people would send me something back, sometimes I got nothing. Sometimes people would read about our tapes and do the same thing. I'm pretty sure I read about Beatniks From Mars and sent them a tape, and this cool tape was what I got in return! Another guy I traded a lot of music with was Lord Litter, and I'm telling you for the real sounds of independent music of the past and today, do yourself a favor, and go listen to his radio show. It makes a great accompaniment to a cold Winter's breakfast, and will warm you right up!

Recorded "Live" at CBGB in New York in 1989, Beatniks From Mars were Larry White - R & Slide Guitar - Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica and Production. Joh Hirschman - Lead Guitar. Jim Caulfield on the Drums, and Tom Hood - Tom Crotti - Bass. 
They called it "Hound Dogma Music"

Saturday, February 24, 2018

ENORMOUS RICHARD - "Almanac" (30 Skuntry Hits) (1990)

I kept pretty good records of who and why I used to send tapes to, but I would have to go dig through a big box of old letters to find out any more information about Enormous Richard, but I can tell you this! This tape called "Skuntry Hits" was released in 1990 by a bunch of people in Illinois who seem to be having a real good time.The whole tape was recorded 'Live" to 2 tracks, or to quote the liner notes, "Overdubs? Schmoverdubs!" Enormous Richard be: Marshall Boswell - Moved down to Floooreeda too soon to play on the tape. Helped write and make it happen, though. Chris Bess - Played accordion. Mopped his brow. Joe Esser - Played bass. Got married. Matt Fuller - Played drums. Looked skeptical. Chris King - Sang. Played kazoo. Guitar Johnny Minkoff - Played roadhouse guitar. Elijah Shaw - played (a'hem) fiddle, banjo, harp, melodica, shaker, kazoo, guitar, sang bv's. Rich Skubish - played acoustic guitar, sang the operatic lead v's, sang bv's.  And special guests Kip Loui and Dave Melson. Get ready, I had a hard time picking a tune so here's...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

THE LIE DETeCTORS - "Good-Bye Ronnie We Love To See You Go!" (1988)

According to my ancient records, I sent the 210th copy of "The Worm's Turn" to The Lie Detectors in Sparkill, New York in 1989. This tape is what I got in return. The Lie Detectors were George Hairamust on lead guitars and vocals, Barry Van Halen on bass, Scotty M. Surrogate playing drums, and Brian "Pecker" Clyde on vocals and rhythm guitar! Ironically enough, the tape I sent them also had a song called "Meltdown" on it!
The Lie Detectors - "Meltdown"
Hermanos Guzanos - "Meltdown" 

Monday, February 19, 2018


Here are seven late 1980's Hermanos Guzanos cassette covers done by Gary Wray that nobody has ever seen before because they were just made for me. We didn't live in the same town back then, so after we'd have a garage get together, Gary would make me one of these tapes, and sometimes he embellished them with his artwork! These are some of the results!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

MARK HANLEY - "House Of Fury" (1993)

This will be the third Mark Hanley tape I've presented here!  This one is called "House Of Fury" and escaped in 1993!  The other two so far are, "KX4CS15," and "SCAR!" What can I say, Mark was one prolific cat! Straight out of Youngstown, Ohio, Mark was also the guitarist with the band Sister Ray, but he did a lot of these solo tapes! Mark was a sonic guitar monster, all I can say is Turn it up if you really want to feel it!
Mark Hanley - "Soaperville"

Thursday, February 15, 2018

BIG JOEY - "Black Habits" (1987)

Big Joey was from Colorado Springs, Co. The only name on this 1987 tape called "Black Habits" is that of Jeph Jerman. It was recorded at the House Of Death! This is what I call Guitar Monster Music! Music that is driven by wild or crazy, fuzzed out, turned up electric guitars. Some people can control the monster, and some cannot, and that's what makes the difference! This song is called "Spackle" and reminds me of patching holes that got punched in the wall!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

HINDS - "Variations" (1986)

 Hinds was a band from Millbrae, California that included Peter Hinds on Drums and Percussion, Peter Vinikow on Bass, and John Hinds playing Guitar, Keyboards, Soprano Sax, Flute and Percussion! Pretty mysterious, three guys, but two have the first name Peter, and two have the last name Hinds, but they're not the same guy! This 1986 cassette was called "Variations!" Make sure and turn it up, because this is Hinds with...

Saturday, February 10, 2018

BAMBIX - "about little green dogs and big brown bears.. .. (1988)

I used to think our music was weird, but then I received this tape from Belgium in 1988, and I realized we weren't even in the same league as our European brethren, and I felt lost and alone, just the way Bambix wanted me to feel! (Is that the sound of somebody vomiting?) This is also probably the most provocative cover of any tape I ever got! This was a 3RIORECORDINGS production, and ironically enough, it says 2018 Antwerpen Belgium! To this day, I still think this is one of the oddest tapes I ever got!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

SOCKEYE - "It's A Crazy Elderly World!" (1988)

Here I am in the olde folk's home, and it's the month of love, so here's a band I love! When you can combine irrelevancy and irreverent, you've got a mighty potent brew, and that just what Dave and his buddies from Stow, Ohio were doing! Lewd and crude, here's one of the tamer songs from this wild and crazy 1988 cassette....
Sockeye - "The Elderly Love Grilled Cheese"