Tuesday, June 29, 2021

NONSTOP NOW - "This Dark Circle" (2019)

Mark Hanley sent me this CD a couple of months ago, but when he did he also sent another CD that he and Sonia Noui made before this one. You can read about that one right here!! Now I've finally gotten around to this one! The cool artwork is also done by Mark Hanley, and here's how you can let him know you like it! Kx4Music@gmail.com

Everything I said about the other CD applies to this one too, so rather than being redundant I'll tell you that this CD by Mark Hanley and Sonia Noui joined by Ima Maeda, is so unique, it's basically impossible for me to explain! So I'll let you figure it out on your own! This song was written by Mark Hanley and Sonia Noui, with Tunisian spoken word by Sonia Noui.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

RICH ARITHMETIC - "Saving Sunset" (2021)

Rich Arithmetic has finally decided to join the 21st century, and has just released a new single, and instead of putting it out on CD, it's out on Bandcamp as a downloadable file. Files, actually, because every single has a flip side.
These songs have got a big guitar sound to them reminiscent of the style of the great Jack Nitzsche, and are very cool, and I think you'll agree. The 'B' Side is titled "Boards On The Rocks," and this is the 'A" side.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

DAVE SCHALL - "Tough Skin" (1993)

Back in 1993, Dave Schall of Sockeye had the starring role in a short film called "TOUGH SKIN" made by a friend of his named Matt Bartel, who was writer/director/producer of the project. Part was  recorded at the Cleveland St.Patrick's Day parade on a bitterly cold day. The rest was filmed on various warm spring days in Kent, Ohio.
Being a filmmaker myself, I thought they did a Helluva good job. The length is just right at nine minutes and fifty-seven seconds, and it has a great look to it.
Dave has an especially cool perennial sneer, and the way he's walking around reminds of the goons of Goonland, and the instrumental original at the beginning is very cool!

"An angry young skin-head is forced to choose from his bullying ways to that of a normal lifestyle when his path is crossed. Not by a group of hippies...but by a woman!"

Monday, June 14, 2021

FOUR ON 7 - "4 Bands, 4 Songs, 7 Inches" (1993)

"Four On 7" was a seven inch EP put out by Rich (Arithmetic) Horton on his Optional Art label in 1993.
This record was just was it says, four songs by Rich and his friends. There's one song by Lance (Monsters Under Te Bed) Morgan, one song by James Nicholson and Dennis Steinseifer, known collectively as Edgar Schwartz, one song by Mark Horton with Legs Akimbo, and one song by Rich Arithmetic.

All four songs are great, but I think the one I like the best is this one by Rich Horton's brother Mark Horton, because Mark not only has a better voice than his brother Rich, but he's also got more hair!
(C) Cowpuppy Music (1989)
Legs Akimbo was Mark Horton on lead guitar and vocals, Steve Bell on harmony vocals and drums, Ron Land playing awesome pedal steel guitar, and Steve Cox on the bass.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

ZAZERAC - "In Memphis" (2006)

I've been in kind of a blue funk lately, so I think it's time for a little chill from Zazerac to wrap up this week!

Here's hoping John Sanders and Zazerac will be playing live again soon, cause the world needs more stuff like this! This cut is from 2006 when the band was comprised of John Sanders on Keyboards, Aaron Northern playing Drums, Troy Isom on Guitar with Matt on Bass, and Larry Randolph blowing the saxophone!

Monday, June 7, 2021

MONSIEUR OTTO'S DELUXE ORCHESTRA - "Lionfish Of The Dead" (2021)

As much as I dig the French Werewolves, there's also been another classic French werewolf lurking around for a while, and he's got a new release of all instrumentals that will blow the top off of whatever joint you're in, and it's free of charge all the way from Paris, France! Is this not the best fucking deal in the world or not? Just listen to some of what The Rev, aka MONSIEUR OTTO'S DELUXE ORCHESTRA, has to offer, and I think you will agree, and if you don't then well, I'm right and you're wrong! It's just that simple!

The first time I heard this song, I had to listen to it three times in a row, because it's that good, and as soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to listen to it again!

Sunday, June 6, 2021

FRENCH WEREWOLVES - "Brush Your Teeth, and Do Your Damn Chores"

Through the sheer power of the internet, and total faith in mankind, after 30+ years, I am once again in contact with my old pal Dave Schall of "Sockeye" fame and fortune, and he sent he a shitload of stuff from the various projects I've missed over the years, and I'm going to start it all off with this incredible CD that I'm sure is from some year, but maybe not, by a band called "French Werewolves."

All I gotta say is "Woof Woof! cause there's no way to explain this shit!
"French Werewolves" is a CD every person in the world should own, just so when some really drunk, and/or obnoxious friend or relative comes over to your house and stays too long, and you can't find your free jazz albums, you can play this CD knowing they will exit soon, either physically ill or psychologically damaged, and you shan't be bothered again! Bravo French Werewolves!
Time to take off the kid gloves and get back to reality!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

KEVYN DYMOND - "This Is Fiction" (1989)

Kevyn Dymond was a musical associate of Don Campau, in fact he even covers one of Don's songs on this tape from 1989. I'll just make the rest of it up, since "This Is Fiction!"
You're lucky, you can blow this up to read it. The small image you see is just a little smaller than the real deal, and down at the bottom it says "I must take a moment here to extend my deepest thanks to three great home tapers" Don Campau, Lord Litter, and Dino Dimuro, all masters of their craft. Thanks especially to the home taper who has been by far the most influential/inspiring to me......

.............This Is Fiction is humbly dedicated to Heather McRae Perkins."

Here's a song that expresses that sentimentality perfectly!