Friday, June 30, 2023

JOHN BARTLES - "Sedative Amnesiate Putanesca..."

I'm so far behind that I didn't get much done this month, but I can always count on my pal John Bartles to come through, so here's another undated CD John released some time between 1990 and 2010 probably. The CD was titled "Sedative Amnesiate Putanesca" and on this particular song John is joined by P. Ruske on Drums, S. McLay on Bass, and A. McFarland playing Piano!
This song is a little different for John, and I probably should have saved it for Halloween, but...I think you'll dig it as much as you would digging a grave!

Saturday, June 24, 2023

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Son Of X-13" (2023)

I've really been slacking off this month, and here's just one of the reasons why! Gary put this album together of some of our stranger stuff and I'm going to publish it today on Bandcanp! 
 and there's 25 Wild 'N' Weird Cuts From Beyond.
Beyond where, nobody is quite sure, but it's pretty far out there!
Here's what the original "X-13" tape looked like that we made in 1990.
Some of the songs from this tape are on the new album,but not too many.
Here's just a sample of what you'll be in for in you feel like going for a ride!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

LORD LITTER'S Radio Shows!

Besides being a musician, Lord Litter has been a DJ for over 30 years, and his shows are just the best, and you can always count on a full hour of solid entertainment, you know, kinda the way radio was back in the 1970's. If you're not old enough to know what I'm talking about then listen to one of his current shows and you will be able to hear for yourself. Class A entertainment at your fingertips to enjoy whenever you want, and it doesn't cost anything. It's a pretty good deal if you ask me!
Here's a short excerpt I made from one of his radio shows from the 80's just for fun!

Monday, June 5, 2023

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Monkeyin' Around With Country" (2023)

Today Hermanos Guzanos is proud to announce the release of their first full album on Bandcamp. There's twenty-three electrifying country tunes for people who don't really like country music, and it's called "Monkeyin' Around With Country"

This new album includes all the good stuff from our "Country Fried Worms" tape from many years ago and more country songs from all our other tapes, all in one nice little package with some very cool artwork!
So tell your family, friends, neighbors and everybody you like or don't like, to go check it out and give us a holler and a follow.