Thursday, February 27, 2020

GODSPUNK VOLUME SEVENTEEN - "Various Artists Compilation" (2016)

 This is the last of the "Godspunk" series CDs that pStan Batcow sent me, and it's a good one, because they're all good ones. 
Don't believe me then you can go get your own at Pumf.Net.

 Volume Seventeen was released in 2016.

 Here's the list of the wide array of talent presented on this disc, most of which are connected to pStan Batcow in some way or another. 
Howl In The Typewriter, UNIT, S.L.I., The Large Veiny Members, New Born Nihilist, Heavy Water, and Nil By Nose.

I'm not quite sure why this song by S.L.I. wasn't a giant hit somewhere, because it sure has got all the right elements! I don't know much about these guys but I think this song is enough!
S.L.I. - "Auburn Hair"
 Don't believe in time machines? pStan also just sent me this link to tons of  Pumf videos, so for a real blast from the past, go check it out, but make sure somebody knows where you go, just in case you don't come back!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

KRAZY HAUS - "Eccentric Ego Music" (1990)

Krazy Haus was an outfit from Ann Arbor, Michigan. They released "Eccentric Ego Music" in 1990. It's a raucous guitar-driven affair!

 I'm counting twenty-three tunes on this tape.
That's a lot.

Mental Images - Lizard Lips - Rubber Chicken Enterprises, that about says it all!

Monday, February 24, 2020

THE PAISLEY-HUED EUCALYPTUS CORKSCREW PAVILLION ‎– "...She Explodes And The Morning Is Filled With The Fragrance Of Fresh Tea..." (1986)

The Paisley-Hued Eucalyptus Corkscew Pavillion was released on the Sound Of Pig label as SOP 63 in 1986. There's really no date on it, but SOP 62 and SOP 64 were both released in 1986, so I think it's a pretty safe guess! This is the cover of  the copy I have.

This is what they show to be the cover on Discogs, so I guess it had alternate covers.

The artwork is by Randy Jackson. 
I'd be really surprised if he had brothers named Michael and Tito.

Any vocals and all the instrumentation were done by Christopher Smith in California!

One side is called "The Dream" and one side is called "Ireland."


Saturday, February 22, 2020

GAJOOB ISSUE #7 - Sampler # 6 - Phinney/McGee (1991)

 Lord Litter informed me yesterday that long time hope taper, and all around good guy Chris Phinney was out walking in October 2019, and was hit by a motorist with no insurance. He has had multiple surgeries, and for the time being is confined to a wheel chair, but the bills keep coming in, so if you  can find it in your heart to help out an old friend in need, here's a link to a gofundme site that is being run by Chris's daughter Molly, because every little bit helps!

Gajoob # 7 had a very cool cover done by Michael J. Bowman, and came with at least eight, yes, I said eight sampler tapes to go along with it! Bryan Baker was a very busy guy!

 Bryan Baker is still a very busy guy, and Gajoob Magazine is still going strong online today!

The top picture was of Chis Phinney on the cover of Electronic Cottage magazine, and the cut I'm giving you was a piece that Chris did with the editor of Electronic Cottage, Hal McGee that was on a tape from 1990 called "Heads." It's something they've been doing together for the last 30 years off and on.

 Chris sent me this picture of the cover of the "Heads" tape.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

INDIVIDUAL POP COMPILATION - "Every Step You Take" (1987)

 In 1988, I sent the 84th copy of "The Worm's Turn" to Claus Korn in Germany, and he wrote a review in his "Individual Pop" magazine that when translated, came out something like this......
...."Similar to Zappa, only more ominous/dark & wilder.....Where the humor is sounds, Hermanos Guzanos are after "Whisk Trunkenter GroƟstadt" (Whiskey Drunk City)"

 Sounded like a compliment to me!

 Claus in turn sent me this various artists tape called "Individual Pop: Compilation" he put together that featured a wealth of talent and lots of music that was new to me!

Here's a couple of pretty cool tunes from this cassette:
CLEANERS FROM VENUS - "Follow The Plough"
 FIT UND LIMO - "De Plus En Plus"
Now that I've got Discogs at my disposal, I can show you the three cassettes that these songs were taken from.

This was the tape that Cleaners From Venus released in 1986 that had "Follow The Plough" on it.
Cleaners from Venus lead by Martin Newell have gone on to have a long recording career, and are still doing it today! Here's a link to their Bandcamp page.

 The song by Fit Und Limo came from this 1984 cassette called "Golden Trash. Petra "Fit" Lienemann and Stefan "Limo" Lienemann were from Bavaria, Germany and kept making music until about 2007.

This 1987 tape by Merricks titled "John Lebt! Take Five" featured the song "Es Ist Vorbei."
Merricks recorded up until 2001, and you can check out all their releases HERE!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

BLENDER BLENDER 2X4: "Don't Crush Those Tunes, Hand Me The Blender" (1990)

 My memory is getting a little sketchy at times, and I thought that because of the song titles this mashed up tape was a Michael Gonzales project, but after digging around a bit, I came up with that it was actually by K.D. Schmitz.

 This tape is exactly what the name implies, K.D. took loops and samples from tapes other people had sent him and built a wall of noise with the whole thing, just like if you threw it all in a blender!

Here's the massive list of who he sampled, and here's what I think is called:

Saturday, February 8, 2020


This was another mostly punk various artists compilation tape we got to be on just because we were weird!

This was a very basic production, and the only other info was read by the guy who put the tapes together at the end of each side! I wish I could remember what his name was.
Besides us, the other California bands on this tape were Pushed Aside, Once And For All, Exoteracy, Wheezing Maniac, Hossbruten, Necromancy, Kevin Virgil Wallace, and...........

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

PSYCHEDELIC AMBULANCE - "I'm Not Your Candyman" (1989)

 Another tape too good to be left behind with only one song is this rock solid release by the German band Psychedelic Ambulance called "Ugly City" from 1989.

Monday, February 3, 2020

HUMIDIFIER - "Sinus" (1989)

It's the month of Love, so I've got some extra giving for you. I was only ever going to highlight one song off of each tape I have, and then I thought when I got to the end, I would start over, but as it turns out, sometimes I end up with more than one song, so rather than hold on them forever, I'm going to share some more often. 

 This is the inside of a tape by Humidifier called "Sinus" that I featured six years ago, so it really is time to dip back into it again. This song was on the first version of this blog before I deleted it! It has a cool instrumental break at the end, and it's one of my faves, especially since I have a sinus infection and it's frosty outside! All the way from Uniondale, NY, here's