Wednesday, October 31, 2018

CRIPPLED HIPPO - "A Casio Instrumental" (1988)

I can't remember anything about this tape, and there's not much information on it either except for I-V.... A Free Tape...."Get Jungle, Get Jungle Fresh.".....P.O. Box 6013. E. Lansing Mi. 48823.....Late Spring 1988. There are no song titles, and it's basically what I call Casio noodling! Here you go! You come to your own conclusions!

Monday, October 29, 2018

THIS WINDOW - "(Land Of) Hope" (1988)

I don't remember much about this cassette. I do know that a lot of artists like us were searching for a means of distributing our music, and so things like Missing Link Music, and Kentucky Fried Royalty came up. I show I sent a tape to KFR in the U.K., and this is also a KFR release from England, so I think somebody there sent it to me as a sample of what the label was up to.....

 ......Mostly because this little note was inside! It must have been Stephen Parsons!

This Window - "(Land Of ) Hope"

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

DOS BOZOS - "Chile Peckers" (2003)

Everything eventually fell apart for Hermanos Guzanos, first it was the public access TV show "Offbeat" and then a krazy thrillride into the world of trying to make movies. The days of the one gig computer and a 14K modem were come and gone, and Gary and I got together in my garage for only a couple of nights, but with new technology, I thought we created a couple of new and interesting instrumentals, and if I don't put them up here, nobody will ever hear them, so here's a pensive little ditty I call.......

Thursday, October 18, 2018

MITCH RUSHTON - "The Bridges Of Time" (1989)

"The Bridges Of Time" by Mitch Rushton was a 1989 release on the Harsh Reality label. Despite all the brotherly love of the 80's tape scene, I always felt like Guzanos were just a bunch of guys on the outside wanking off that didn't fit in compared to artists like those on labels like Harsh Reality who seemed so serious, but in the long run I guess, what difference did it make? We still all ended up together! On this tape Mitch uses an AKAI x7000, a MOOG OPUS 3 SYNTHESISER, a YAMAHA DX1000 SYNTHESISER, A KORG MONO/POLY SYNTHESISER, a CASIO RZ1 RHYTHM COMPOSER, and a DIGITEC DX99 DIGITAL DELAY! The cover artwork was done by Mark Lyden!

Monday, October 15, 2018

BUNKER - "Tears Souvenirs" (1989)

HAYOON LIMIT ? was one of the first International contacts I made! If I recall right, they added our first tape "The Worm's Turn" to their roster, and would send me groovy tapes like this once in a while. 
It was a pretty good gig! HAYOON LIMIT ? was also one of the first groups to use all kinds of alternative packaging. 
This tape has an almost transparent/parchment paper cover. Innovative, and sturdy!
So, this was HAYOON LIMIT ? tape # ?04 by a pretty cool French band named BUNKER! Bon Appétit!

Friday, October 12, 2018

MAYHEM STEAMROLLER - "Radio Active" (1991)

This was a tape I got from Ray Carmen in Ohio! It was one of his side projects. I'm pretty sure, but there are not exactly any credits on the tape. This is an interesting piece using samples from the Hindenburg radio broadcast. Instruments involved were a Casio Sk-1, Digital Delay/Reverb, Casio MT-240 and a Roland D-50.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

THEY LIE... WE DIE!! - Various Artists - "War Is Good Business...Invest Your Son" (1990)

This was a Hand of Doom tapes release titled "They Lie...We Die!" It was an international various artists punk rock compilation protest/benefit cassette from the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee from San Francisco, Calif. in 1990. It featured bands from all over the world like Sound Pollution from Greece, Slowjam from the UK, Lesson of Vigilance from Canada, Disrupt from the USA, Adam Kates from Canada, Vonny Bratchnies from the US, Infect from Canada, Lethal Overdose from Australia, Flounder from Finland, Twerp from the UK, Hate That Smile from the UK, Lost from the US, Green Thumb from parts unknown, and the band of the hour, from (West) Germany...

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

JOHN BARTLES - "Flat Animal" (1987)

John Bartles is a friend of mine, and probably the most prolific independent artist on the planet! I just did a quick inventory, and I have something like 30 cassettes and 60 CD's that John has sent me over the years. I just got another CD a couple of days ago. I think I really need to change the splash title to from 1987 to 1993 and beyond, because people like John have never quit! If I'm ever going to get done with this project, I'm going to have to start featuring John's music on a more regular basis!
"Flat Animal" was one of the first tapes I ever got from John, and it's a good one! Like most people, John doesn't like pollution, and he's not afraid to write songs about it! This tune features Gary Holt on bass and effects, and Ward Parker on guitar! The artwork was done by John himself!