Sunday, June 23, 2024

EDGAR SCHWARTZ - "Milk And Cookies" (1995)

I used to trade tapes with James Nicholson back in the 90's, but it wouldn't be until some 30+ years later that I became friends with Rich Horton who was the Executive Producer of this CD.
Consequently Rich sent me this CD from 1995 a couple of weeks ago, and just like all of the music by James Nicholson and Dennis Steinseifer, I was mystified how in this day and age, Edgar Schwartz is still basically an unknown commodity.
Well, at least it got me working on this blog again for now.
Some of these songs came off of a 1991 cassette release by Edgar Schwartz like"Uncle Blues," but there is just so much more than that packed into this small package, and it's all good.
Rich Horton felt the same way, and that's why he released this music on CD in 1995 on his Optional Art label. Since then, James Nicholson has done the production on Rich's incredible last two CD's.
You can find out more about all that at Richie's Place!
Rich Horton also informed me that if anybody would like one of these CD's, you can contact him through his website, and he'll gladly send you one for $12.00 including postage. You won't be disappointed if you do, and that's a guarantee!
This CD needs to be released again in 2024 and this is the A-I cover I conjured up for it.
Here is just one of the many incredible songs on this CD, and this one really does it for me because James Nicholson and Dennis Steinseife are joined by the phenomenal Cynthia Moseley on sax!
(After I got this all done, I went to try and find out more about Cynthia Moseley, only to find out that sadly, she passed away last year.)
 All I can say is watch out for "Watch It!" It will reach out and grab you! 
Just wait for it, and hold on to your socks!


  1. Dennis SteinseiferJune 23, 2024 at 10:54 PM

    Thanks for the updated review! Much appreciated! Also cool cover remake!

  2. Thanks! I meant every word of it! You guys have been overlooked for far too long!

  3. Thanks for this, Darrell! "Watch It" is one of my favorites, too. Sad to hear about Cynthia passing. I remember her being excited about playing on it because she had been looking to do something less "conventional" than she was used to. She rocked it. We couldn't afford to pay her money, but she accepted a shopping bag of hass avocados from my backyard tree.

    Love the 1950s -style science fiction updated cover. We should probably compile the cassette and cd songs together for re-release and use your cover. Time to break out my Hermanos Guzanos cd for a listen!

  4. Thanks Jim. I thought it was almost criminal that your CD hadn't got more attention. The whole thing is outstanding, and "Watch It" was the cherry on top. What a roller coaster ride; I was elated to find out about Cynthia, and then thoroughly dejected to find out about her passing. Her playing on "Watch It", and the YouTube video of her playing "Killer Joe," showed how enormous her talents really were. Also a big Thanks to Rich Horton for sending your CD my way which made this all happen.

  5. Thanks Dennis. I just listened it to "Watch It" again and I feel sorry for all the millions of people in the world who have never heard it. It's just not fair to them or to you and Jim!