Friday, August 21, 2015

SWITCHBLADE NIXON - "Like It Like That" (1992)

 I'll admit that a lot of tapes I received in trade back in the day were by guys just wanking off in their bedroom or garage, but I would also trade tapes with actual bands, and that's the case tonight! Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to present to you from San Francisco, California.......

 Switchblade Nixon,
  and a song off their 1992 Knucklehead release:

Greg Buncke - Vocals and Bass
Dave Froker - Vocals and Guitars
Harold Ohashi  - Drums and Background Vocals 
Ken Smith - Harmonica and Background Vocals

 Just an observation, but the way I see it, the internet has become so encompassing, that a lot of really good stuff goes totally unnoticed these days, just like another stranger in the crowd, and whereas in the past, music fans would be stomping all over themselves in an effort to get great music like this for free, now it almost completely overlooked, so if you're reading this, enjoy, but if you're not, then oh, well, I guess you'll never know what you missed! Too bad, so sad!!

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