Wednesday, January 17, 2018

JOHN BARTLES - "Live" - "Radio Allen Lake" (1990)

 On January 30, 1990, John Bartles went into the studios of radio station WITR  in Rochester, N.Y. and delivered a scathing set of music protesting a proposed nuclear waste site in Allegheny County in New York! This tape called "Radio Allen Lake" is the result! A real artiste on multiple levels, the insert is also drawn and hand-colored by John! With Joe Bonavita on Bass, Jack Bosarge on Drums, Todd Whitman on Sax, The Marvelous One playing the guitars and Allen Lake aka John Bartles on vocals! Get Ready! First up, here's....
"Four Feet Of Sludge"
and if that ain't enough, here's a message for all of us!!
"Callin' All Humans!"
It's been freakin' 28 years now, don't you think it's about time we started listening!!

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