Friday, June 14, 2019

THOSE BEASLEYS - "Nobody Knows I'm On LSD" (1999)

After Guzanos disintegrated, my best pal Gary Wray joined up with our buddy Tom Ferranti (whose Dad was a Las Vegas comedian, which explains a lot) and another krazy genius named Mike Meadows, and formed a band called Those Beasleys that was pretty damn good! Their common core was that they were all artistes and public access TV producers! Gary and Tom also both worked at art stores!

 Unlike Guzanos, Those Beasley were an actual working band!

 Those Beasleys big claim to fame was getting unplugged in a club owned by a guy in The Standells for being too loud and obnoxious!

 Those Beasleys might just be one of the most underrated bands of all time!
With the help of the late Dane Nelsen on the drums, they were giving the world something no one was ready for, because they just didn't give a damn! They were just driven to do it!
THOSE BEASLEYS - "Mr. Beasley's Hopeless Art Club Band"

If it just so happens that wasn't enuf for you, then you can find a whole lot more free goodies on Those Beasleys' Band camp page!

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  1. We were all artists, Tom and I did self published comix and Mike was a kick ass painter, his work was amazing!