Saturday, August 31, 2019

JOHN BARTLES - "Rural Root"

 As promised, here's this month's dose of John Bartles! I was going to give you a song from this CD titled "2B Or Not 2B," but when I got it out, I don't know what happened, but the disc was blank, so you just get the artwork on this one. It's okay I guess, because this CD and the other one here have some duplicate songs on them anyway! John's got such a huge body of work, sometimes he'll re-release a bunch of songs again if they all fall into one category like
 "The Legacy of the Post-Modern Electric Hillbilly Era."

This CD is called "Rural Root" and has no less than 22 tunes on it!
It was a hard choice, but this song just cracks me up! Some songs just don't require videos, and with this one, all you need is a little imagination!

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