Saturday, December 28, 2019

DONALD CAMPAU - "Mixed Messages" (1991)

 So while we're on the subject of Don Campau, "Mixed Messages" was a pretty cool collaboration tape he released in 1991 as Donald Campau!
I'm just guessing, but this is probably like the 44th of some 6000 tapes and CDs he's put out!

 "Mixed Messages" has got some great tunes on it, and it was really difficult for me to choose just one!

I'm almost 100% sure these songs were put together via mail. The cassette medium lends itself very well to doing projects like this. The people collaborating with Don on the various songs are all very talented, and included the likes of Eric Muhs, Peter Hinds, Lord Litter, Peggy Martinez, Greg Gray and Dino Dimuro.

 The song with Peter Hinds playing the drums and Don playing all the other instruments and vocals, is produced by Peter's brother John Hinds, and is a real powerhouse, so that's the one I'm giving you here! Turn it way up and just TRY and sit still!!!!

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