Wednesday, June 24, 2020


I was just informed by Chris Phinney of Harsh Reality Music that the Cincinnati Legnd Hobilly-Jerry Adams has passed away in his sleep on June 21, 2020. Chris and Jerry go way back and Jerry had just recently contributed to Chris's massive compilation called "High Risk of Rainbows and Hair Ribbons (I've Got The Corona Virus Blues) with a piece called "Nostradamas Speaks" that you can check out right here!

One of Jerry's earliest recordings was this "Porkopolis" cassette released as Peppermint Subway titled "Subterrainian Jungle"

 The tape "Peppermint Subway" was also released on Harsh Reality as HR121 - C60 (Alternative rock from Ohio) back in 1988!

 You can access most of everything Jerry has ever recorded on his  Soundcloud page!
Here's just one of the songs off of this cassette that you'll find there.....
I personally never made contact with Jerry although we traded tapes with a lot of the same people like Don Campau back in the day.
Here's some more information about Jerry from Don's
"Living Archive Of Underground Music!"
Here's a link to his Facebook page!

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