Tuesday, November 3, 2020


The latest in the Godspunk series of compilation CDs from Pumf Records is Volume Twenty-One, which was released in mid to late 2020, and as always, it's a fine effort no doubt, with a lot of the same players, but you never know what hats these guys are going to wear, so it's full of surprises!

This CD has got a lot of good stuff on it! It's just as festive as this photo, and it was difficult picking out just one song, but after multiple listenings, I finally made up my mind on which one to share with you!

The bands listed as being on the CD are UNIT, Nil by Nose, Lettuce Vultures, the taurus board, Satanik Seagvll Sekt, Howl in the Typewriter, Harsh Noise Movement, The Large Veiny Members, and my new fave, some guys who really know what country music is supposed to sound like.....
I have to admit that with all that's going on today, I really should have played "Where Eagles Dare Not" by Lettuce Vultures, but you're just gonna have to buy it to hear that one, and you can do that right here!
And while you're there, tell pStan Batcow I sent you!

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