Thursday, April 22, 2021

CRASH-N-BURN - "Alcohol" Demo (1987)

What better way would there be to follow up Dr Danger than Crash-N-Burn? None, I daresay!

This 1987 incarnation of Crash-N-Burn included John Sanders on Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals, Dean Menta playing Guitar and Percussion, who went on to play guitar with Faith No More, and Sparks, Amy Sanders on Bass, and Parry Wolfe playing the Drums.

Crash-N-Burn were an incredibly high energy band, and here's an awesome demo written by John that's a three minute and thirty-two second reminder of something none of us should be doing, drinking and driving!


  1. Loving this track. It akin to a mongrel cross between talking heads and public enemy , both being at their grandma's for tea .