Tuesday, June 29, 2021

NONSTOP NOW - "This Dark Circle" (2019)

Mark Hanley sent me this CD a couple of months ago, but when he did he also sent another CD that he and Sonia Noui made before this one. You can read about that one right here!! Now I've finally gotten around to this one! The cool artwork is also done by Mark Hanley, and here's how you can let him know you like it! Kx4Music@gmail.com

Everything I said about the other CD applies to this one too, so rather than being redundant I'll tell you that this CD by Mark Hanley and Sonia Noui joined by Ima Maeda, is so unique, it's basically impossible for me to explain! So I'll let you figure it out on your own! This song was written by Mark Hanley and Sonia Noui, with Tunisian spoken word by Sonia Noui.

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