Friday, September 3, 2021

GAJOOB SAMPLER - Issue #9, Sampler #3 (1993) Part II

Sometimes you just gotta go back to the well!
 I was organizing a bunch of files I have, and realized I had made two mp3's from Gajoob Sampler Tape #3, and this one was just too good to be left behind!
 I found the following information on Wikipedia about the band. "D.Q.E. was formed by singer/songwriter Grace Braun, New York photographer Chris Verene and former Fat Day drummer Zak Sitter in 1986. The band later evolved into one built around the core of Grace Braun (renamed Anna Trodglen) and her husband/drummer, music writer Dugan Trodglen."
Bryan's review fits this band perfectly. They're almost like a country version of The Velvet Underground, spunky, and very raw!

This song came off of this tape called "N Is For Knowledge," or "N Is For Nollidge," one of the two. I found this picture of the cover of the tape on their Discogs page. Apparently they changed their name from Dairy Queen Empire to the abbreviated D.Q.E. after they made this tape. Even looking at the song titles, I couldn't figure out the name of this song!

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