Friday, October 15, 2021

THE RUDY SCHWARTZ PROJECT - "Plastic Containers Retain Odors" (1988)

The Rudy Schwartz Project is the alto-igor of Joe Newman from Austin, Texas.

Joe sent me this tape in the late 1980's in a trade for one of our Hermanos Guzanos tapes.
This guy has got an incredible sense of humor, and an astounding body of work!

There are some guest musicians, but for the most part, this music is written, arranged, played, sung, excreted, and/or programmed by Joe (Have An Extra Special Day) Newman!

The Rudy Schwartz Project is one of the more popular of the 80's home tape artists, and has a massive catalogue on Amazon, with some free streaming songs, and some songs that can be purchased, and you can get the whole skinny right HERE!!
In the meantime, here's just a taste of that which is, the genius of Joe Newman! 
This song is dedicated to Carl Finch and Brave Combo.


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  2. Thanks Joe, I will definitely check it out!