Wednesday, January 5, 2022


So far, the only good thing that happened this year was a toothache, so let's get things rolling in 2022 with something a little more uplifting like this CD from Breathilizor titled "The Nine Blasphemies Of The Black Honeycomb Of Death's Milk." (Collection Of 7" Material And Split LP 1995 - 2014)

There are 36 songs on this CD that mostly came from 7" split records, and Breathilizor working with a variety of groups like Minch, Kolob Trust Fund, Syphilitic Vaginas, Brody's Militia, Doktor Bitch, The Flidiots, and Thrillkillers.

The roots of Breathilizor are/is Sockeye!

From 1995, from a split 7" with Faxed Head is
And from the 2009 7" Metal Dump Of Outer Space's Confusion, here's
To know even less, here's a link to the "Wheelchair of Old Men" label.


  1. Im confused, perhaps Im simply not seeing the links for some of these amazing posts but are you really posting all this info, pictures and history to then only offer one song from the release? I guess you meant this literally "There's some great music still out there that has been heard by so few, but I'm going to do my little part to change that SOME!" It's really nice of you to share the names of all the items in your collection. Since most of this stuff is impossible to find I suppose the one or 2 songs you share from each post will have to do...I dont want to sound ungrateful, I really do appreciate the time & work it takes to keep a blog running. But...Why bother sharing all this interesting info only to then not share the content? Its entirely possible that Im just an idiot and not seeing the link. I hope thats the case cause otherwise..i just dont understand.

  2. My purpose has always been to try and make people aware of artists and music they might have never heard of. I feel if you like what you hear, then you should try and reach out to the artists themselves. It was never my intention to post full albums or tapes. If that's what you're looking for then go to They have a whole team digitizing tapes, something that I just don't have time for. This blog is more personal than that. Thanks for reading.