Friday, March 18, 2022

HYPERTONIA WORLD ENTERPRISES - "Pop Collection 1" (1989)

"Pop Collection 1" was a various artistes compilation of independent music from all over the world, and all put together by J.R. Bruun in Norway in 1989.
The cover drawing was done by Sverre H. Kristensen.
I believe this is one of the first comp tapes Hermanos Guzanos contributed to. All total I think we were on 40 different worldwide compilations!

Some of the other people who contributed to this project were Venus Fly Trap from England, Le Lu/Lu's & Yo-Yo, also from England, Lord Litter from Germany, Trigger B from Germany, James Hill from the U.S., The Acid Dreams from Germany, Modern Art from England, and Rites Of Post from England, and that's just Side One!
Side Two included The Flatmates from England, Rattus Rexx from Germany, Political Asylum from Scotland, Johnson's Fiver from England, Kevyn Dymond & Mark Shafer from the U.S., Anastasis from Germany, and The Detective from England.

Here's the second song from Side One, a band from Denmark,

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