Tuesday, April 5, 2022

DON CAMPAU - "Variety Show" (1985)

This was a tape Don Campau released in 1985 called "Variety Show," and man, is that the perfect title!
Without Don Campau, many of the people on these playlists would never had anybody hear their music. For a movement with no leaders, but only movers and shakers, Don and Lord Litter probably did more to spread the word than anybody I know. And what's even crazier is, they are both still at it!!
Talk about "Variety Show," this is a postcard Don sent me one time! So to prove this really was a "Variety Show," I'm including three songs, and each one of them is completely unique, different, and pretty damn cool! Don does most of the heavy lifting, but he's joined by Geoff Alexander on vocal and sax on one tune, and Greg Gray doing bass and percussion on one song, and destroying a chair on another one!

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