Saturday, February 25, 2023


I just unearthed another box of stuff I've had laying around here for a few decades, so here's a bunch of  catalogues from independent artists and labels.
This first one is from Russ Stedman. in 1993.
Alternative Culture was a punk label out of the UK.

BBP Records and Tapes.

This was my buddy Dimitar's catalogue for his Bla-Bla Records label in Bulgaria. That's also Dimitar's artwork on the cover.

This was the back cover of Chris Phiney's Harsh Reality catalogue.

Michael Gonzales's Ooh Ooh Music catalogue from 1992.

I even found this really old Pumf catalogue.

This was the inside of the Pumf catalogue.

This was the 1989 catalogue from Guido Erfen's SHM label in Germany.

This Silent Records catalogue out of San Francisco in 1990 is one of the few that looks like it was professionally printed.

This was the Spilling Audio catalogue out of Seattle in 1992.
Little Fyodor's 1991 Catalogue.

Don Campau's Lonely Whistle catalogue from 1988.

This is the 1989 RRRecords catalogue based in Lowell, Ma.

And Last but not least, here's what was the 1992 catalogue by Screamin' Popeyes out of Hollister, Mo.

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