Tuesday, July 11, 2023

HEINZ KÜPPERS - "Marching Thoughts" (1988)

I never had any direct contact with Heinz Küppers, but I used one of his songs on my "Refried Dreams" cassette because I was in direct communication with Winnie Pickert who sent me a song by Heinz to be on that tape. I never knew much more about Heinz except I always dug the Hell out of this rollicking song!
So I started digging around a little while ago to see if Heinz was up to anything these days. There was only this one tape on Discogs, so I searched his name and found out Heinz has been pretty busy over the years, and not only that, his music is still cool as beans!
If you don't believe me then check out this video called "Lieben Und Kuessen" or "Love and Kisses" from twelve years ago. 810 views in 12 years for one of the coolest songs I've heard lately. Geez, gimme a break!
Turn It Up!!


This song rocks and just when you think it couldn't get any better, there's a very cool trombone solo. After you watch it you're going to want more, so head on over to Heinz's website.


Heinz even has an album made last year called "Hoffnung" that is available on Amazon! So if you think "Heinz" is just a brand of condiments, think again, because this Heinz is the real deal

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