Monday, August 21, 2023

JOE MENICHETTI - "Good News For Modern Mannequins" (1986)

 I never traded tapes with Joe Menichetti back in the 80's but only became aware of him through Don Campau's radio show "No Pigeonholes." This show aired on January 24, 1988. 
100's of these shows can be found on The Internet Archive today!
These days Don Campau hosts a new version of his show, and it is now called "No Pigeonholes EXP" and airs on KOWS radio.

As you can see from this liner note, Joe Menichetti did everything, and when I looked on Discogs, I was surprised to see that it looks like he never recorded anything else, which is kind of mind blowing considering how good this song is.


  1. hiya! doing a deep dive of some music and came across a few old posts of yours on here about Lawrence Salvatore, whos music i found super endearing and tried to find more of but to no luck... could i ask if you have anything else of his digitally, or any extra info about him you might remember? thanks :)

  2. Hi,do you have another track from this album?Would be very much appreciated if you could share it