Sunday, November 24, 2013

GLEN ARMSTRONG & THE DIRTY CLERGY - "Under A Van Gogh Sky" (1992)

Here's a song from a 1992 cassette by Glen Armstrong! 

Glen Armstrong was one of the most talented guys I ever got a tape from, and this whole tape is brilliant and sounds like it should have been a major label release, so you can imagine how bad I felt a few years ago when I found out via the internet that Glen had passed away, broke, penniless, alone, and homeless! What a shocker it was to find out a few years later that Glen Armstrong is alive and well, and here's a link to some great music of  his you can buy on Amazon!


  1. The rumors of Glens death were some what exaggerated. While he was living in exile at his sisters house he took a rather long nap one day and things got out of hand.

    That said I have been looking at the masters from the sounds of the Czars sessions and there are a couple of unfinished tracks that perhaps we can encourage Father Glen to finish?

    Sadly for us, Glen in using most of his energies these days on writing rather than music. I am personally still proud of the album we made with Glen.

    1. Yeah, Glen is one of my faves, and I know he's got more songs because he sent a bunch to me one year for the twelve days of Christmas. It would be great to hear a new release from him.