Saturday, May 26, 2018

HEATHER PERKINS - "Land-O-Newts Sampler" (1987-1988)

Heather Perkins was from Eugene, Oregon, but I think she lives in Portland these days, and she likes to make music that is completely unique! I have nobody to compare Heather to except herself! We traded tapes a couple of times, and this 'land ö ñéwts' Sampler is one of the tapes I got from her. On this song, Heather is doing the vocals, playing the guitar, and the 'drumlike unit.'

The Land-O-Newts website looks a little funny because it's under construction, but if you go there, you'll find a lot more of Heather's music that you can listen to for free! 
 There's also a link to an interview from the Portland Tribune that came out on my birthday eleven years ago that was written by Peter Korn, and that's where this foto of Heather came from also!

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