Monday, May 28, 2018

CRASH-N-BURN - Self-Titled (1988)

CRASH-N-BURN was one of my favorite bands of this era, and I wouldn't know how to describe them completely, but let's try Funky Punky Chunky Rock. They covered a lot of bases. The band members were John Sanders on keyboards and guitar, Amy Sanders on bass, Dean Menta on another guitar, and Parry Wolf on the drums.
Here's a song from the first self-titled tape John sent me! Turn it up!
 CRASH-N-BURN - "The Big Business"

John and I wrote back and forth a few times, and this is a flyer for a "One Dead Cow Show and Rodeo" gig that he wrote me a letter on. I've tried to find some current information on the band or it's members, because I just assumed they'd be pretty famous by now, but instead, I can't find anything, so I guess they must have really just Crashed N' Burned!

 Anyway, I liked CRASH-N-BURN so much that I asked them to give me something for my "Refried Dreams" compilation tape, which they kindly obliged, and I got this extra cool sticker too. Check it out, it's another great song called "Last Night Stand."

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  1. Hi Eegah, if that is your real name. Yeah, CnB did crashnburn eventually. Three of us went on to do a funk group called New Power Soul, then two of us went on and did a acid jazz group called Memphis Mystics. I finally moved back to Memphis where I do a soul jazz group called Zazerac. Thanks so much for the props. - John