Tuesday, June 26, 2018

ACU-PUNK-TURE - Various Artists (1990)

This 1990 various artists compilation titled "Acu-Punk-Ture"was a Zugang Fanzine production from Richmond, Indiana. Sometimes we got included on punk various artists compilation tapes like these, not because we were punks, but because we were weird. As it turns out, punks were very open minded, and had a sense of humor!

This tape also came with this zine with info on the artists. Our pal John Bartles was also on this release, but other than that the roster of artists sounded like this! Rednecks in Pain, No fraud, DryRot, Political Asylum, Happy Kadaver, Weird Paul, Lie Detectors, Kismet HC, The Nids, Bias Ply, Action Figure, David Reynolds, Human Ashtrays, and the band I'm going to give you a sample of, from Lawrence, Kansas.

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