Thursday, June 28, 2018

HERMANOS GONZALES - Dr. Demento's Radio Show - "Beer in My Underwear" (1993)

One of  Hermanos Guzanos' greatest achievements was being on Dr. Demento's Radio Show twice! Neither time was anything we did by ourselves, but something we did with somebody else, all via the good old U.S. mail.

 This time out it was Michael Gonzales of Plastic Eye Miracle fame who wrote all the words and did all the vocalizing, and we supplied the music. It turned out to be an interesting tape together called Hermanos Gonzales - "The Miracle Of The Worms" that was a pretty strange amalgamation, mostly due to Michael's wit and humor, and this song was played on Dr. Demento's show March 21, 1993! Our payment was this xeroxed copy of the playlist!

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