Tuesday, July 24, 2018

COLOGNE DROPOUTS - " Ein Absturz In Die Kölner Underground-Szene Vol. 1" (1988)

I think this various artists "Cologne Dropouts" cassette from 1988 might have been the first tape I ever got from Guido Erfen and his S.H.M. label. It was also one of the first tapes I received with alternative packing. You can see the outline of the plastic box glued inside where there was also a booklet with pages about each participating band. The full name is "Cologne Dropouts - Ein Absturz in die Kölner Underground-Szene Vol. 1" and proves what a hotbed of Indie Music Germany is, or at least was! The artists involved were Zerlett (Whom I've been told is most likely the same *Zerlett*  who later became a very well known bandleader on Gemany's biggest late nite tv show), Wirtz, & Stahl, Dumb But Deluxe, Meadow Meal, Akak, The Absurd, Sektor, White Jam, Sack, Atletico Rheinland, S.C.R., Interface Crew, The Dirk Hartung Combo, and the song I have for you by....

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