Sunday, September 30, 2018

INTIMACIES - "Austin Poets Audio Anthology Project Vol 01"

This tape was sent to me by one of the poets who are on it, I just can't remember which one! It's a fairly commercially produced cassette because they had some financial help from the Austin Arts Commission, and features local poets and musicians from the Austin, Texas area! The paper insert says 1988, but the date on the tape itself is 1990. The artistes involved were Susan Bright, Albert Huffstickler, Eleanor Crockett, Arlene Jackson, w D'Jaima Garnier (guitar), Hedwig Gorski (who also did the cover artwork) w/East of Eden Band, and.....


  1. Any chance you'll put this entire cassette on soundcloud or something? I was friends with most of them and would love to hear it.

  2. Yo I would just love to hear the whole thing. I'm on the hunt for a copy now.

  3. Make me an offer I can't refuse.........

    1. Do you have more poetry tapes featured on this blog?