Thursday, October 18, 2018

MITCH RUSHTON - "The Bridges Of Time" (1989)

"The Bridges Of Time" by Mitch Rushton was a 1989 release on the Harsh Reality label. Despite all the brotherly love of the 80's tape scene, I always felt like Guzanos were just a bunch of guys on the outside wanking off that didn't fit in compared to artists like those on labels like Harsh Reality who seemed so serious, but in the long run I guess, what difference did it make? We still all ended up together! On this tape Mitch uses an AKAI x7000, a MOOG OPUS 3 SYNTHESISER, a YAMAHA DX1000 SYNTHESISER, A KORG MONO/POLY SYNTHESISER, a CASIO RZ1 RHYTHM COMPOSER, and a DIGITEC DX99 DIGITAL DELAY! The cover artwork was done by Mark Lyden!

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