Wednesday, October 10, 2018

THEY LIE... WE DIE!! - Various Artists - "War Is Good Business...Invest Your Son" (1990)

This was a Hand of Doom tapes release titled "They Lie...We Die!" It was an international various artists punk rock compilation protest/benefit cassette from the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee from San Francisco, Calif. in 1990. It featured bands from all over the world like Sound Pollution from Greece, Slowjam from the UK, Lesson of Vigilance from Canada, Disrupt from the USA, Adam Kates from Canada, Vonny Bratchnies from the US, Infect from Canada, Lethal Overdose from Australia, Flounder from Finland, Twerp from the UK, Hate That Smile from the UK, Lost from the US, Green Thumb from parts unknown, and the band of the hour, from (West) Germany...

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