Friday, January 18, 2019

PUMF RECORDS - pStan Batcow (2019)

I made a new friend from 50 years ago I never met before last week. Yeah, I really do have a time machine! Eat your heart out! His name is pStan Batcow, and he's been independently working out of England since the 80's in various incarnations! Not only is pStan a cool musician, he's also an amazing artist, and oddly enough, an all around nice guy!
Right about HERE you can learn more about all of pStan's activities!

Of course I first heard pStan's music on Lord Litter's radio show on the Internet Archive, a song  called "Digital Sickness" performing as Howl In The Typewriter that really matched up with the way I've been feeling the past year of my life, like the writer had bored into my brain and extracted my thoughts! I told Lord Litter, and he told pStan, and now you get to share a bit of it too! You can listen to that whole radio show right HERE!

 There is so much madness on the Pumf Records site, there is something for everyone I guarantee!
Here's just a sample off of one of the releases called "godspunk volume twelve" to give you a taste! pStan is sending me some of his classic 80's stuff, so I shall return with more later!
Spoiler Alert: If you don't like creepy clowns, you might want to stay away!

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