Thursday, January 31, 2019

THE DIRK HARTUNG COMBO - "Drained Wait" (1988)

I became pretty good friends with Guido Erfen of the SHM label in Germany, and The Dirk Hartung Combo was a SHM tape that I was going to try and help him distribute in the United States, but because of numerous factors including a lack of funds, I never did have a chance to be much help, although I did send out a few review copies to magazines like Option, Gajoob, and Factsheet 5. 
The Dirk Hartung Combo consisted of Dirk Hartung on tenor sax and piano at once, horn, and zither. Guido Erfen played the organ, and Michael Springer played the drums! Side two had three songs, but side one was just the title song!

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