Friday, March 29, 2019

LORD LITTER - "Torn Between Temptations" (1991)

By the 90's, artists started getting more creative with their packaging!
Not feeling confined to just the cassette case, people like Lord Litter were sometimes doing things different, and this is more the size of a 45 picture sleeve, about 7 inches square. The only bad thing about alternative packaging is where and how to store it. They just don't fit in with all the other tapes, and so consequently, I lost track of this tape for years until a couple of weeks ago!
The artwork was by Jouni Määräkangas from Silullinen Artcore, Finland and was based on a concept by Jan R, Bruun of Hypertonia World Enterprises!

The inside folded out to expose more information. 
That's another flyer inside from the KFR (Kentucky Fried Royalty) years!
Today, Lord Litter is extremely busy with his website and multiple radio shows, and if you want to read all about it, you can go here!
And if you want to listen to an amazing array of music, head on over to the Internet Archive where he has radio shows galore you can peruse, and possibly get lost for days!

Because I don't think The Lord will mind, I'm going to present you with the first two songs from this tape to show you the variances in style Lord Litter had at his disposal!
 On that song, Lord Litter did everything, except the tronics were supplied by Chris Phinney, and he used a sample from Vivaldi concerto!
The next tune is a mellow little acoustic number with the Lord playing all the instruments!
LORD LITTER - "Another Love Song"

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