Saturday, March 2, 2019

THE HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER - "Worlds Tour - LIVE on Saturn and Jupiter" Pumf Records (1985)

 Here's another nifty package from pStan Batcow in the guise of The Howl In The Typewriter called  "Worlds Tour - LIVE on Saturn and Jupiter" that was originally a cassette released in 1985, but now presented as a CD with everything you need make your own cassette if you'd like!

This is Pumf release number 49 and is described in the Pumf Catalogue thusly:
"Two early live solo performances, during which audiences were pushed to the limit. Elements of the show included Howl watching TV on stage with his back to the auidence, whilst backing tapes screeched, guitars fed back, and drum machines clattered."
And personally I'd say, that's a pretty fine description!

The shows are cut up into shorter pieces to possibly make it more palatable!

 The sample I'm giving you is track number two!

These are the enclosed cassette labels if you're making your own tape!

Do yourself a favor! Go order something, or at least go check it out!

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