Friday, April 26, 2019

ACTIONS ANT'ERIEURES - Various Artists Compilation (1989)

 "actions ant'erieures" is a 1989 French various artists compilation tape that we appeared on that I can not find my copy of. Not only that, I don't really have much other information, because even though it was usually me who did it, Gary was the one who made the submissions on this tape.

 The funny thing is I still have the cover. The tape must have been left in a machine somewhere.
Besides us there were three other sets of musicians on this tape. The first was Dan and the Destroys from Paris with only one song.

 I also don't know who made the drawing of us, because it doesn't look like either Gary or Brian's artwork. I also am not familiar with any song we did called "I'm Invisible."
We had a total of six songs on this tape.

 BRUME also from France contributed seven songs!

And....Styve Paddington from Belgium also only had one song.

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