Monday, April 22, 2019

EUGENE CHADBOURNE - "Rake Vs. Plunger Megadeath" (1987)

One of my favourite, albeit almost unlistenable tapes came from the amazing Eugene Chadbourne of Greensboro, North Carolina. Eugene can play normal music, but sometimes he just likes to experiment and have fun! It sure makes me laugh!
You can check out the massive volumes of his work, and what he's up to some 30 years later on his website....
 "The House Of Chadula."

  In December of 1987 I sent Eugene the 57th copy I had of "The Worm's Turn," and he wrote back and said it was cool, and that,
"There's an Army of us out there!"

 This handmade tape is what he cordially sent me in return!
Here's a short excerpt from that tape! Frank Zappa would have loved it! Enjoy!

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