Saturday, September 14, 2019

HOWL IN THE TYPEWRITER - "Grand Theft Audio" (2002)

This here is release #378 from the Pumf Catalogue! 
 It's a 2002 CD by Howl In The Typewriter and is cagily titled "Grand Theft Audio"

This is not what I would call 'easy listening' by any means, and in fact, the sounds on this CD have been compared to the work of Negativland and Severed Heads to give you an idea what to be prepared for when you climb aboard this aural roller coaster!

With sounds heard round the world, there's something to confuse everyone!

It's three mini-LP's broken up into 24 semi-musical sound collages without names, and each one is identified by some kind of icon instead of a name! 
Despite the artwork, taking a nap while listening is not an option!

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