Sunday, October 27, 2019

INCITE! Indie Magazine (1980's)

 I've said it before, the whole 80's cassette trip wouldn't have been nearly as much fun if it wasn't for all the supporting Indie magazines that dedicated fans, writers, and musicians put out! Without the editors of all these zines, the database of who and where you could trade tapes with would have been left up to all the Indie, public, and college radio stations, and communications with other musicians would have been much more difficult!

 INCITE! was a super cool little zine published by Tim Alborn in Belmont, Massachusetts and was "published in his spare time!"

 INCITE! was always free, and could range anywhere from five to twenty-four pages, and basically came out quarterly with the change of seasons!

 Mostly music related, each issue of INCITE! usually included music reviews, interviews, Tim's always interesting ramblings, and contact informations.

Issue #7 of INCITE! contained what I think was the most unusual review we ever got! Tim made this Record Review Map replete with territories with names like "Land Of Interesting Guitars But Not Much Else," and "Land Of Grunge And Decay," that contained smaller principalities like "Aimless," "Good At All Speeds," an "Stupid Lyrics," and he would place the records in areas all over the map. 

In a completely separate map was the "Cassette Kingdom" that had a fault line running right down through the middle of it that contained 'Genius' on one side, and 'Bullshit' on the other. 
Somehow we ended up on the 'Genius' side, but we were kind of close to the edge!

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