Monday, October 14, 2019


I need to go back through my box of letters and see if I can find out more info on this cassette, because I can't remember much about it.
It's a various artists compilation tape called "Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 16", and it features artists from all over the world including England, France, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Greece, and Belgium! They might be insane, but they're not lazy, because there were 25 volumes made in all!

"Insane Music" was the product of Alain Neffe from Belgium, and this tape is so good, I had a hard time picking out a song from it, but I finally did! Here's, from Belgium.........
LIZA NELIAZ - "Slogan"
(After I wrote this, I found out that sadly, Liza passed away from lung cancer at the age of 43 back in 2001. His birth name was Liza Néliaz, but he decided he was a female, and she became a major influence on the Belgian hardcore techno scene performing as Liza 'N' Eliaz!

 The 2nd Anniversary Issue of "Lively Arts" magazine had a Ratfink cover with artwork done by comic geniuses R.K. Sloane and Jeff Gaither!

 Among a host of other things, the same issue had this great little interview with Alain Neffe of "Insane Music."

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