Thursday, January 9, 2020

LAWRENCE SALVATORE - "Miss Chew Nipples" (1989)

What can I tell you about Lawrence Salvatore that you don't already know? He is a very unique musician with his own style and sense of humor.
I'm pretty sure "Miss Chew Nipples" was the third tape I got from Lawrence.
The other two were "I Love You (Say It With Bricks)" from 1985, and
"My Leg In Love With Your Leg" from 1987.
"Miss Chew Nipples" doesn't have a date on it so I'm going to guess it came out in about 1989.
All the music on this tape is by Lawrence himself, and Miss Chew Nipples herself does some talking about chicken on this song I'm about to present to you called...
LAWRENCE SALVATORE - "I Can Crush Nuts With My Thighs."

..............And for the record, the lyrics are really, "I Can Crack Nuts With My Thighs!"


  1. I was introduced to LS's music by Zan Hoffman a long damn time ago. Been a fan ever since. I think Swim Trunks of Yearning is my LS favorite...