Friday, March 27, 2020

WHERE IT'S aT '91 - Compilation Tape (1991)

 We had tracks on over forty compilation tapes, and this project of Carl Howard's "Audiophile Tapes" label was one of them.

Carl released this tape called "Where It's aT '91" in 1991. and he featured a host of talent from all over the world that had releases put out on his label.
The different groups were The Oroonies, Paradox, Vokokesh, Krel, Hermanos Guzanos, Skoptzies, Through Black Holes Band, The Cellar, LG Mair, Jr., Jack Hurwitz, Arnold Mathes, Dino Oon/Konrad Kraft, Doug Micael & The Outer Darkness, NOMUZIC, Alien Planetscapes, and this rockin' number from Germany....

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